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Hello, my fellow Rotarians,
Time runs faster than what we feel. This is my third month of July since I was appointed Chair of DRFC in the District three years ago. I have done my job only two-third of my 3-year-term. I am grateful to all my committee members who walked a long way with me, solved many problems for me, and finally accomplished many achievements altogether in the last two Rotary Years.
Now it is the time for Rotary opens opportunities to Doing Good in the World.


We need more generous Rotarians to support our efforts to grow Rotary, because becoming a Rotarian offers prospective members totally new opportunities. One of the opportunities is, of course, the opportunity to serve. and then the other part comes into play. We offer opportunities to people who are waiting for our service- providing clean water, opportunities to go to school, and so forth.

How do we create the opportunities to bring service to our local community as well as the world?

There are 25 available goals for club presidents to achieve their Presidential Citations this year. They need to select at least 13 goals or more than 50% of available goals. There are 6 goals related to TRF which are easy to achieve. These 6 goals related to TRF are:

  1. Annual Fund Contributions including PHF, and EREY status;
  2. PolioPlus Fund Contributions
  3. Major Donors
  4. Bequest Society
  5. Benefactors, and
  6. Service Projects including District Grants and Global Grants.

Just follow our guidelines and recommendations what to do by attending our TRF/GMS to be held on Saturday 7 November 2020. Everything is easy to achieve and we will help you to get it.

Our target in this RY2020-21 is fundraising one million US dollars including new AKS members, Major Donors, Bequest Society members, Benefactors, PHFs, and PolioPlus Fund contributions.

l want you help me to break a little record by achieving 80 EREY clubs in this RY2020-21. All the credits are yours.

Let Rotary Opens Opportunities.