DG February Message

DG February Message

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Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Wishing you all as healthy as an Ox and a prosperous year ahead!
Thanks to the effort of our DS Team led by CDS Ron and all AGs, our District Directory is finally ready. We are still working on the solution of an E Directory; hopefully it will be ready soon.
This is a critical moment of human beings as we are fighting against COVID. We should all be united and find a way to help each other. In the meantime, vaccinations seem to be a solution to lessen the situation. We encourage all Rotarian and Rotaractor to learn more about the various vaccinations and help to educate the public.
Although the COVID Pandemic is still fluctuate. We are encouraging Clubs to do projects that is safe like delivering necessities, online workshop and training for our beneficiaries. There were quite a number of Club Meetings in January that were very successful with interesting topics, prominent speakers and many Rotarians joining.  We are quite adept to online meeting and we are so glad to see fellow Rotarians even online.
District utilised the District Designated Fund to sponsor several International projects and some clubs are joining to sponsor. We are invited to be the International Partner of the Water Project of D4195.
Thanks Public Image Committee for creating the Newsletter every month and thanks everyone who has contributed your write up about services and happenings in Clubs and District. Please do share with all your members and friends the Newsletters.
Thanks to the Membership Committee especially the think-tank, we are going to have some chitchat sessions with each Area Presidents and fellow members. We will have chitchat about Chinese New Year Gathering and specific topics such as health, peace and support Environment, etc.
The District Conference Organising Committee is working hard to prepare a wonderful District Conference experience for all of you. The early bird registration will be from now till 28 Feb 2021.
The 2021 Rotary International Convention will be held virtually. For more information visit: https://convention.rotary.org
First Step In Rotaract is the training for newly joined Rotaract like new member orientation. First Step In Rotaract was recently held online for two days on 23 and 24 Jan 2021. Their theme is “Who Am I?” Through interesting and innovative game and quiz, they learn a lot about how to survive as a Rotaract.
Rotary Hong Kong Ultra-marathon will be held virtually, thanks for the support from all of you, the early bird deadline for enrolment is on 31 Jan 2021. There will be online carnival with performances and live reporting of different running teams at the different Rotary Landmarks.
Peace is one of our District Focus this year and the RI theme for February is Peace and conflict Resolution. Rotary creates an environment of Peace. By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.

恭祝大家春節快樂! 祝大家有如牛一般健康,並有美好的一年!

多虧了各位助理總監和首席地區秘書Ron 領導的地區秘書團隊的努力,我們的地區名錄終於準備就緒。 我們仍在研究網上目錄的解決方案,希望很快準備就緒推出。

這是人類與新冠肺炎鬥爭的關鍵時刻,我們大家都應該團結來,發掘互相幫助的方式。 同時,接種疫苗似乎是減輕這種情況的一種解決方案。 我們鼓勵所有社友和扶青多些了解更多關於各種疫苗的知識,並幫助教育公眾。

儘管新冠疫情仍在波動,我們鼓勵各社開展一些安全的項目,例如為我們的受助人提供必需品、在線研討會和培訓等等。 一月份各社舉行了許多例會,而且非常成功,除了題材有趣,又有知名演講者和許多社員參加入。 看來我們越來越擅長處理網上會議,我非常高興見到很多扶輪社員參與。

扶輪3450區利用District Designated Fund特別贊助了多個國際項目,一些分社也加入贊助。 我們亦被邀請成為4195區淨水項目的國際合作夥伴。




2021年扶輪國際環球年會將以網上舉行。 欲了解更多信息,請訪問:https://convention.rotary.org

一般新加入扶輪少年團的第一步就是新成員入團培訓。2021年1月23日至24日我們在網上舉行了為期兩天的入團培訓活動,主題是“我是誰? “,通過有趣和創新的遊戲和測驗,他們學到很多有關如何持續成長的知識。


「和平」是我們今年的“地區主題”之一,而二月份的主題就是“和平與解決衝突”。 扶輪社可以創造和平的環境,通過開展服務項目並支持和平研究金和獎學金,我們的社員就能採取行動以化解衝突的根本原因,例如:包括貧窮、歧視、族裔關係、缺乏教育機會和資源分配不均等等。