Why your club needs a public image chair

Why your club needs a public image chair

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By Bernd Meidel, District 1950 Public Image Chair (Germany)

It’s important that Rotary and Rotaract clubs tell their stories in ways that help communities understand what Rotary does and why our work matters so as to inspire others to get involved. Appointing a club public image chair can increase your success at making the club’s communications consistent and unmistakably Rotary.

As the District 1950 Public Image Chair (Germany), I have been responsible for promoting Rotary and its activities on the district level and helping clubs develop their public image. Here are a few things I have observed:

Why you should have a public image chair

When a club promotes itself and its work, they are increasing Rotary’s awareness in the community. But it’s also difficult for those club members who are organizing service projects to be responsible for marketing them too. A public image chair can help with all of that. They can manage the club’s public relations, press, and marketing in a coordinated and consistent way throughout the entire Rotary year, across projects.

What a club public image chair does

The chair is responsible for designing flyers and posters, writing press releases, updating the website, managing the club’s social media presence, and making sure the club logo is used properly and consistency. Ideally, the club public image chair would manage a team with the appropriate skills to help, all working together to showcase the club and their members as people of action.

What qualifications are needed

The chair should have experience in marketing, journalism, copywriting, or digital media. Photo or video creation and editing is also a plus, as is having existing contacts to local journalists.  

Available resources to help you succeed

The Rotary Brand Center contains templates that are extremely helpful. I also recommend club public image chairs meet regularly with the district public image chair via digital networks or events to share ideas and strategize.

Bernd Meidel is a member of the Rotary Club of Schweinfurt-Peterstin, Germany.