Rotary Vocational Training Exchange Mental Health Issues under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rotary Vocational Training Exchange Mental Health Issues under the COVID-19 Pandemic

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By PP Menza Chu, Rotary Club of SoHo HK

Are we vulnerable to threats on our mental health under the pandemic of COVID-19? What’s the mental health tsunami?

On 12 March 2022 Saturday, Rotary International District 3450 and District 1020 successfully organised the Rotary Vocational Training Exchange (RVTE) on “Mental Health Issues under the COVID-19 pandemic.” Our distinguished speaker Dr CM Chan, a specialist in Psychiatry has shared some very useful information regarding the issue, e.g. Mental Health Tsunami, early warning signs and etc. We had altogether 117 participants enrolled from District 3450, District 1020 and District 1230 with about 70% attendance rate. Rotaractors, Interactors, non-Rotarians and some university students in healthcare studies have joined this timely event held amidst the recent surge of the pandemic. The major takeaway messages as told by the audiences in their post-webinar survey were: Psychovaccine and the acronyms to keep our mental health during the pandemic, like COVID Vs COVID and OMICRON Vs OMICRON.

C:      Calm

O:      Open-minded

V:      Ventilate

I:       Introspection

D:        Detach


O: Optimism

M: Meditation

I: Interest

C: Connection

R: Recess

O: Order

N: Now

RVTE has organised a series of seminar online to share the pandemic situation in Hong Kong and Scotland. Topics included COVID Testing, Chasing the Strains and COVID Vaccination during the Rotary year. The current seminar on Mental Health was the fourth one.  If you missed the chance to attend the RVTE webinar, you may know more by watching the video recording,

Let’s be vigilant and healthy both physically and mentally.

PP Menza Chu

RVTE Organizing Working Group, RI District 3450