Rotary Community Care – Rotary’s Responses to COVID-19

Rotary Community Care – Rotary’s Responses to COVID-19

On 14 July 2020, District 3450 rolled out the District Disaster Response Grant to support individual club’s benevolent initiatives.

In line with the “Rotary Opens Opportunities” spirit, on 24 July 2020, Area 5 AG Dennis Wong is joined by Pres Anthony Wu of RC of H K Island West, Pres Eliot Li of RC of H K Northwest, Pres Boris Wong of RC of City Northwest HK and Pres Felix Chan of RC of The Peak who together brought immediate and timely relief to low-income families and the elderly by sponsoring 27,000 caring meal boxes. Through proactive care and commitment to the society, Rotarians are taking a leading role to serve by example which perfectly exemplifies the Rotary ethos.



7月24日第五分域助理總監黃其就與香港西區扶輪社社長胡一威、香港西北區扶輪社社長李智強、港城西北扶輪社社長王子達及太平山扶輪社社長陳安立及時行動, 秉承今年口號「扶輪打開機會」的精神,代表致送2萬7仟個愛心飯盒予低收入家庭及長者,用行動帶頭實踐扶輪的關懷,用愛心服務社會為己仼,將扶輪宗旨發揚光大。