DG Message, August 2020

DG Message, August 2020

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It is a blessing that the District Installation went ahead successfully with about 740 people attending. I would like to give thanks again for all who supported the event and my sincere thanks to Chair CP George Wong, organising committee, Rotaract and RIC colleagues. 

August is Membership and new club development month. Membership Committee is going to hold a Virtual Membership Forum on 22 August. We will have discussions on various topics such as Rotaractor becomes Rotarian, synergy with Toastmaster and Virtual Rotary Forum, etc. Yet, we need to invite eligible new members with due care and consideration, making sure that they are the right fit for the right club and that your club meets with new members’ expectations. As proven and evident by many clubs, many new members would turn into lifelong friends and fervent Rotarians once we engage with them in club activities, nurture our relationship with compassion and take care of them with sympathy when in need..

Covid 19 Pandemic is still happening in the world. This is the most challenging time for all of us. Our way of living have changed. Club meetings changed to online. It is the best opportunity for us to think out of the box to expand our reach. Some of the clubs have invited prominent speakers from overseas and some clubs have joint meetings with their sister clubs. Rotary International encourages us to do online meetings. DG Visit to Mongolia will also be held on 23 August by online meeting

Rotary are very adaptable, we can modify our way of operations. We expand our reach by using technology. We can have joint projects and meetings with other Districts. Many clubs continue their service projects to serve the underprivileged amid the Covid 19 Pandemic. Rotarians and Rotaractors find values when we server others. We received US$25,000 from RI Disaster Response Fund, together with the funding approved by the District Charitable Fund, we have US$50,000 to let our clubs apply for projects to help the Pandemic situation. I would like to encourage all Rotarians and Rotaractors to do our best to continue serving the communities.

Rotary is needed now more than ever! Invite your friends to join us. When they see that we are People of Action and making a difference in the World, they will be eager to join us. 

I wish all of you good health, stay safe and be happy!

我們應該為今屆3450地區就職典禮能夠有740人參加而完滿也舉行感到一份祝福!為此我再次感謝大家的支持,尤其籌委主席CP George Wong及其成員、扶青團和RIC同事。

八月份就是社員和新社月。地區社員委員會Membership Committee在八月廿二日舉行一個「網上社員論壇Virtual Membership Forum,內容涵蓋「如何幫助扶青轉化成扶輪社員」、「如何與Toastmaster產生協同效應」和「虛擬扶輪論壇」等等。與此同時,我們要注意邀請合適人士加入合適的分社,以致合乎新社員的期望。綜合過往各分社經驗,扶輪社友往往透過各社活動和社會服務,不但建立大家一生友誼和供獻社會精神,而且為有需要人士付出愛心!