2021-2022 District Vocational Service Committee (DVSC)

2021-2022 District Vocational Service Committee (DVSC)

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By PP Sally Leung, Rotary Club of Kingspark Hong Kong

A brief description of the upcoming events / ongoing tasks/ past activity for DVSC are summarized below:

Speaker Pool 2.0

A Speaker Pool 2.0 database is established for Clubs / Rotarians / Rotaractors for reference. We cordially invite members to fill in the registration link and QR codes as shown below to provide the following opportunities for our new generation:


  • Career Talk
  • Job Shadowing
  • Vocational Visit
  • Internship
  • Mock Interview
  • Job Vacancy

Two lists, namely a career talk speaker list + mock interview and an on-site visits list + job shadowing list are created for club leaders to arrange vocational service to our new generation.

D3450 on-site visits and job shadowing list


D3450 career talk and mock interview list


Serve to Change Lives for Youth of Differences (YOD)

The YOD and SEN theme for this Rotary Year is “扶輪多元青年開人生”, with an aim to serve to change lives for YOD and SEN. With the collaboration of Work for All, we target to encourage Rotarians and Rotaractors to be equal opportunity employers and commit to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. To further promote these initiatives, a poster was designed and circulated earlier on to solicit Rotarians and employers’ support to be inclusive employer.

For any query regarding YOD and SEN, please feel free to send email to ng.winnie@rogers.com to contact PP Winnie Ng.

Rotary Job Market (https://www.rotaryjobmarket.com/)

Rotary Job Market is a platform created for all Rotarians and Rotaractors to post or find jobs in District 3450. Various types of vocational opportunities included full time, part time, freelance and internship jobs are welcomed. Rotarians are encouraged to upload vacant post(s) to be recruited on the above website. Rotaractors are invited to search and apply for jobs suitable for them. For any query, please feel free to send email to D3450.vocational.2122@gmail.com