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To raise the awareness about environmental protection and sustainable living style among Rotary family, PPE committee organises below major activities:

  • Green Rotary Club recognition
  • Environmental preservation voluntary services (e.g. tree planting, beach cleaning)
  • Forum or workshop focuses on the latest sustainability hot topics (e.g. sustainable seafood workshop)
  • Fellowship events (e.g. green cooking competition)
  • Monthly column on DG E-newsletter

We hope all Rotarians put “Sustainability” on checklist in your event preparation. The priority should always be “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle” the last. Ask yourself:

  1. Can I cut the unnecessary formality and replace with greener item (e.g. Never serve bottle water and encourage BYOB; distribute e-version of publication only)
  2. Can I reuse the event decoration? (e.g. Don’t print event date on banner and reuse in the future)
  3. Can I estimate the food and beverage quota more accurately and reduce food waste?

Last but not the least: Say NO to plastic!

Our targets & objectives in RY 2020 – 21:

  • To raise the awareness about environmental protection among Rotary
  • To promote sustainable living style among Rotary
  • To prioritise the importance of “sustainability” in Rotary activities
  • To bring the message of living a green live from Rotary to your family, friends and workplace

PP Anthony Ngai (Rotary Club of HK South)

PDG Eugene Fong (Rotary Club of Kowloon West)
PDG Belinda Yeung (Rotary Club of HK Harbour)
PP Thomas Yeung (Rotary Club of HK South)
PP George Li (Rotary Club of HK South)

PP Stacy Ho (Rotary Club of HK Island East)
PP Carola Chard (Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile)
PP Jonathan Li (Rotary Club of Green HK)
PP BooBoo Wu (Rotary Club of Guia)
Rtn. Eliza Ning (Rotary Satellite Club of Tolo Harbour Happy Health)
Rtr. Sophie Lam (Rotaract Club of Central)
Rtr. Estelle Lam (Rotaract Club of HK City North)

Stay tuned with us by joining our PPE Director whatsapp group and following our facebook:

If you have any interesting green ideas, please feel free to whatsapp us or email via: . We love to hear from you!