Congratulations to the 1st batch of Online Academy Level 1 Graduates! By DGN Norman Lee

Congratulations to the 1st batch of Online Academy Level 1 Graduates! By DGN Norman Lee

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It is indeed encouraging to have over 250 finishing our Online Academy Level One. Please join me to give each of the below a big applause. Certificates have been sent to respective presidents.

If you are not on list yet, feel free to start Level One anytime, certificates will be given out on a monthly basis. Why wait? Start early and you can go to higher levels with all the others.

Online submission forms for Levels Two, Three and Four will be shared with Presidents in Dec.

Once again, if you know too little about Rotary, Level One is absolutely your solution. Conversely, if you are well equipped with Rotary knowledge already, it takes you minutes to complete a lower level, let yourself expose to higher levels in a snap.

Online Academy Certificate – Level 1 Graduates

Area 1

Amizade, MacauHo Sao Lun
Amizade, MacauLeong Wan Ieng
Amizade, MacauPenny Wong On Chao
Amizade, MacauTam Pui Wing
MacauElizabete Fong
MacauFatima Ferreira
MacauJoao Pinto
MacauSynthia Chan
MacauYing Li
Penha, MacaoAnson Lam
Penha, MacaoBill Gao
Penha, MacaoCrystal Lok
Penha, MacaoEdmundo Lopes Lao
Penha, MacaoEric Chan
Penha, MacaoKent Lao
Penha, MacaoMing Leong
Penha, MacaoStephen, Lam Wai Chong
Penha, MacaoTitus Chan
Penha, MacaoViana Wong

Area 2

CentralAlex Lau
CentralCandy Ma
CentralChan Chi Ho
CentralHenry Ho
CentralRosenna Mak
CentralSharon Law
CentralShirley Tam
Innovation Hong KongAlvin Lam
Innovation Hong KongBenson Wong
Innovation Hong KongEdward Wong
Innovation Hong KongElla Lee
Innovation Hong KongGabriel Wong
Innovation Hong KongGrace Yu
Innovation Hong KongJohn Sham
Innovation Hong KongJulia Tse
Innovation Hong KongMareene Chow
Innovation Hong KongNicolas Chan
Innovation Hong KongSusanna Lam
Innovation Hong KongVicky Fung
Innovation Hong KongWong Chau Wun
WanchaiBonnie B. Wong
WanchaiEsther Ow
WanchaiPDG Ada Cheng
WanchaiShirley Lam

Area 3

Braemar HillBee Lai Ming Chan
Braemar HillBenedict Chi Kay Lee
Braemar HillChun Fung Hui
Braemar HillImelda Hoi Yu Ng
Braemar HillJanet In Leng Kou
Braemar HillKai Chu Hazel Ip
Braemar HillLawrence Yuen
Braemar HillLong In Loraine Lai
Braemar HillSau Lin Miranda Chin
Braemar HillSing Ming Sunny Wu
Braemar HillVian Man Kuen Liu
Braemar HillWing Chun Charles Lee
Hong Kong HarbourBelinda Yeung
Hong Kong HarbourEliza Ning
Hong Kong HarbourMark Tong
Hong Kong Island EastAndy Wong
Hong Kong Island EastDGN Norman Lee
Hong Kong Island EastEddy Wong
Hong Kong Island EastGilbert Fung
Hong Kong Island EastJason Chiu
Hong Kong Island EastLeo Yu
Hong Kong Island EastMofiz Chan
Hong Kong Island EastNancy Yee
Hong Kong Island EastRico Fung
Hong Kong Island EastStacy Ho
Hong Kong North PointAda Kung
Hong Kong North PointAlex Au
Hong Kong North PointAnne Loh
Hong Kong North PointBen Capell
Hong Kong North PointCarlos Tam
Hong Kong North PointCarol Fong
Hong Kong North PointClaire Li
Hong Kong North PointColin Chau
Hong Kong North PointColin To
Hong Kong North PointDavid Ng
Hong Kong North PointDerek Chung
Hong Kong North PointDr. Eric Chin
Hong Kong North PointEdmond Yue
Hong Kong North PointElsa Wong
Hong Kong North PointEric Tam
Hong Kong North PointIvan Pang
Hong Kong North PointJennifer Chan
Hong Kong North PointJennifer Tan
Hong Kong North PointJohn Hui
Hong Kong North PointJohnny Ho
Hong Kong North PointJohnson Lai
Hong Kong North PointKelven Lit
Hong Kong North PointKin Siu
Hong Kong North PointMargaret Ng
Hong Kong North PointOlivia Lam
Hong Kong North PointPeter Pang
Hong Kong North PointRebecca Fox
Hong Kong North PointSally Lay
Hong Kong North PointTammy Wong
Hong Kong North PointTo Kin On
Hong Kong North PointYuki LI
Hong Kong NortheastJohn Wong

Area 4

Causeway BayRon Chan
Hong Kong City NorthDennis Fu
Lan Kwai FongJoyce Lau
Star AvenueAdrian Lau
Star AvenueAndy Seto
Star AvenueDominic Wai
Star AvenueFlora Tsang
Star AvenueTony Cheung

Area 5

Green Hong KongNg Ka Fai
Harmony and Prosperity Hong KongSimon Sai-hau Ho
Hong Kong Island WestAnthony Leung
Hong Kong Island WestAnthony Wu
Hong Kong Island WestDavid Li
Hong Kong Island WestHenry Wong
Hong Kong Island WestShunny Chan
Hong Kong Island WestTerence S. C. Law
Kowloon CentralHelen Chan
Mid-levelJohn King
Mid-levelMillie Chun

Area 6

Channel IslandsAbraham Chan
Channel IslandsDebbie Leung
Channel IslandsRamand Chan
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaCalvin Tse
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaGigi Yeung
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaHenry Choi
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaHermann Lui
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaIvan Lau
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaJoey Chan
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaNelson Wong
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaPhilip Chen
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaShirley Chan
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaSky Kwan
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaVince Liu
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaWanco Sze
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaWilliam Choi
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaWilson Chan
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay AreaYves Yeung
Hong Kong SunriseCharlie Yip
Hong Kong SunriseEdward Wu
Hong Kong SunriseHenry Tong
Hong Kong SunriseLouis Ma
Hong Kong SunriseStanley Cheung
Hong Kong SunriseStanley Mok
Hong Kong SunriseSusannah Lam
Hong Kong SunriseVincent Ng
Hong Kong SunriseVincent Yip
Kwai ChungAdrian Tam
Kwai ChungAlexis Suen
Kwai ChungAndy Li
Kwai ChungFrank Chan
Kwai ChungFrank Lu
Kwai ChungGary Lau
Kwai ChungHimmy Yau
Kwai ChungKeith Lai
Kwai ChungKevin Mak
Kwai ChungRonald Cheung
Kwai ChungTomas Leong
Kwai TsingChow Kwok Choi
Kwai TsingDai Tin Yau Jason
Kwai TsingHo Ka Yi
Kwai TsingKenix Yuen
Kwai TsingLam Ka Shun Klasse
Kwai TsingLion Lau
Kwai TsingSo Pok Him
Kwai TsingTam Hang Yin (Carine)
Kwai TsingTracy Wong
Kwai TsingWing Chan
Kwai TsingWinona Chui
Mandarin Hong KongAriel Wang
Mandarin Hong KongGang Hao
Mandarin Hong KongJason Jin
Mandarin Hong KongKenny Chue
Mandarin Hong KongRaymond Fong
Mandarin Hong KongScarlet Tso
Mandarin Hong KongWeihan Chen
New TerritoriesFrancis Chan
New TerritoriesIsaac Yip
New TerritoriesJoe Lee
New TerritoriesJoseph Yim
New TerritoriesKitty Chan
New TerritoriesPaul Li
New TerritoriesPhan Jean Nicolas
New TerritoriesRaymond Chin
ShatinAnthony Man
ShatinAnthony Tam
ShatinChiu, Tat Hang
ShatinJuana Leung
ShatinKenneth Choi
ShatinLilian Chan
ShatinRonald Y.H. Kan
ShatinSam Song
ShatinWendy Lee
ShatinXue Deng
Tai PoClaire Mak
Tai PoDanny Lau
Tai PoFrankie Wu
Tai PoKF Tam
Tai PoNatalie Kwok
Tai PoPeter Lam
Tai PoSally Luk
Tai PoVikky Tam
Tai PoWilson Woo
Tolo HarbourAnthony Lau
Tolo HarbourRickson Chow
Tsuen WanAndrew, Hing-Yat Tong
Tsuen WanBenson Chan
Tsuen WanBrendon Shing-Chi Wong
Tsuen WanCheung, Albert Yau-Kwong
Tsuen WanChiu, Chi Hung
Tsuen WanLeung, Pi Chung-Ming
Tsuen WanLi, Alan Pui Leung
Tsuen WanPoon, Herbert Hok-Ming
Tsuen WanStanley Yuen
Tsuen WanTai-Hung Lo
Tsuen WanYing Fat Tam

Area 8

Central HarbourfrontDavid Cheung
Central HarbourfrontStephen Loong
E-Club of District 3450Carmen Ng
E-Club of District 3450Cassy Cheng
E-Club of District 3450Thomas Tsang
E-Club of Tamar Hong KongCP Sally Ho
E-Club of Tamar Hong KongThomas Chan
Greater Bay AreaJennifer Chung
Kowloon TongChong Tak Kin Leif
Manhattan Hong KongConny Tsang
Manhattan Hong KongCP Agnes Yuen
Manhattan Hong KongFiona Tsui
Manhattan Hong KongIPP Allan Chiu
Manhattan Hong KongLim Ching
Manhattan Hong KongPax Chan miu-king
Manhattan Hong KongWong Siu Kan, Carol

Area 9

Ulaanbaatar Peace AvenueGantulga Dashdondov

Area 10

TamirEnkhzul Jargal

Area 11

Abacus Hong KongLo Wing Yip Billy
Abacus Hong KongTommy Ng
Abacus Hong KongWong Chi Hang
E-Club of LantauAnna Or
Island GreenBrois Lo
Island GreenDavid Luk
Island GreenDicky Path Tong
Island GreenHenry Liu
Island GreenKelvin Mak
Island GreenKenneth Li
Island GreenLok Leung
Island GreenRonald Chang
Island GreenRonnie Chow
Island GreenSean Leung
Island GreenVicky Woo
Metropolitan Hong KongWong Chip Kwong Ambrose

Area 12

Hong Kong Financial CentreCharles C. H. Ngan
Kingspark Hong KongDominic Ko
Kwun TongAlbo Lo
Kwun TongAlby Lo
Kwun TongBilly Tam
Kwun TongCheung Yu Ling, Alexander
Kwun TongKade But
Kwun TongMarthy Li