DG June Message

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I am so grateful that we are here in the final month of this Rotary Year. It is a memorable year for all of us. Despite the difficulties and challenging circumstances, all District Team members and committees performed and served the District with full strength and passion. All club Presidents lead their clubs with flying colours to serve the community.

We have made many things that seemed impossible, possible despite the uncertainties. All of us have the same goal: Together, we serve D3450 and our community.

We engaged our Future Leaders and we plan for several years. We prepare for the future and create a long term strategic plan for our District. We nurture our young leaders and we welcome more to join us to serve our District.

We have invited our Rotaract leaders to join District Committees and various events. We engage them at an earlier stage. We listen to their opinions and make decisions together. This year we had a District Conference together our Rotaract. It was an ideal and nice occasion for us to mingle and get to know more of our new generation.

Interota 2020 was successfully held with 1800 registrants from 91 countries. An enormous amount of effort was put into this service marathon having 150 volunteers, performing 13 community services partnering with 9 NGOs and accumulated a total of 439 hours of services together.

Rotary International D3450 District Conference

This year’s theme of our Conference was Health, Peace and Support Environment.

Thanks to the Dean of Medical Faculty of CUHK; Prof. Francis Chan, SBS, JP, in being our Guest of Honour to share about The Future Development of Health Professionals in Hong Kong & The Greater Bay Area.

Despite the pandemic, D3450 achieved a lot and have been very active. I am proud to announce the net membership growth is 140 with 3 new clubs, one satellite club formed, 9 new Rotaract Clubs and 11 new Interact Clubs chartered. We expanded our reach to primary schools program and there will be Junioract Clubs specially for Primary School students.

There are many more achievements and most important of all, we care about the experience of our Rotarian, Rotaractor and beneficiaries.

Together, we take action, to create lasting change across the globe, in our community and in ourselves.

The breakout sessions were welcomed by all, we exchanged ideas about Peace, Health, Environment, Youth and Memberships.

Presidents Performance (pre-recordings) was shown at District Governor Dinner. We celebrated the 90th Year of Rotary service in Hong Kong. We had good fellowship with all Rotarian.

D3450 #Rotary #Rotaract District Conference

DRR Alan Yip gave an excellent report of what our Rotaract have achieved. District Rotaract Service Project served the visually impaired with 4 stages. They also composed a very nice song about visually impaired people and sang together with the visually impaired.

This year, Rotaractor Leaders were invited to join Rotary District Committees. Rotaract Leaders are able to have a better understanding of Rotary and Rotarians can learn innovative ideas from our Rotaract. Thank you DRR Alan and your team for a fabulous year to serve!

Interota 2020 was successfully held with 1800 registrants from 91 countries. A great effort was put into this service marathon accomplishing 18 services by 150 volunteers with a total of 439 accrued service hours. Our Rotaractors are brilliant! A huge thanks to Chair Lok Chi and the team.

Thank you RIPPR our own PDG Peter Wan and lady Rita in joining us for two days and thanks PDG Peter for sharing with us about the State of Rotary Worldwide, his wisdom and knowledge.

Thank you Photojournalist Nicole Tung sharing about her experience and view on advocating positive Peace by showing stunning photographs in war zone, about refugees and violence against women.

The Open Forum for Rotarian and Rotaractor was a great occasion to have a better understanding of each other and this will give us hints about potential future collaborations.

We recognised all the generous Donors at Foundation luncheon. Thank you to all donors: AKS, Major Donors, Paul Harris Fellows, Benefactors and Bequest Society Members. This year we have 19 new 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs, 527 Paul Harris Fellows, 14 New Benefactors, 87 EREY Clubs and we contributed US 88,143 to EndPolio. Thanks again to all generous donors in doing good in the world.

We were honoured to have RI Trustee Sangkoo Yun to share about his wisdom and knowledge of Rotary.

POA Competition Prize presentation

We gave out the first five prizes to all our winners.  The winning photos have truly demonstrated the diversity in Rotary service.

Sharing by future leaders was the highlight in the afternoon. We have DGE Keith, DGN Norman, DGND Andy and DRRE Luffy interviewed by PDG Ada and PDRR Jessica Glad to have passionate future leaders to serve D3450.

Thanks Rachel for organising the Spouse Program with your team of spouse. There was a service “Care for the youth service program” to encourage students from grassroots families to run or walk every day for two weeks. The prize presentation was carried out today. Thank you to the sponsors PDG BY, DGND Andy Li, President Tomas and PP Conrad.

Thanks Chair Cassy for your authentic Leadership to lead the organising team to hold the Conference amid the Pandemic. Thanks the Organising team for working so hard to achieve what we have planned. for your outstanding Leadership in leading the organising team to hold the Conference amid the Pandemic. Thanks the Organising team for working so hard to make this year’s conference possible amongst all the difficulties faced.

Congratulations to all “Rotary Opens Opportunities “ Presidents for a fruitful Rotary Year! Your Rotary Journey just has begun. Wishing all of you full of joy!

Very best wishes to Incoming DG Keith and his team in achieving new heights in District 3450! All the best!


儘管存在不確定性,但我們仍使許多事情變成有可能,而我們所有人都有一個共同的目標:我們一起為國際扶輪3450 區和我們的社區服務。



Interota 2020 已成功舉行,超過來自 91 個國家的 1800 名參加者,另外有150 名志願者參加服務馬拉松,與 9 個非政府組織合作進行了 13 項社區服務,服務時數為439 小時。



感謝中大醫學院院長Francis Chan 教授, SBS, JP 作為主講嘉賓,分享香港及大灣區醫護專業人士的未來發展。

儘管新冠疫情大流行,3450地區還是取得了很多成就:會員人數增加140 人、成立了新社3 個、衛星社 1 個、扶青社 9 個和 扶少社 11 個。另外,我們將擴展扶輪社務至小學,很快將有專門為小學生開設的 Junioract 社出現。




在總監晚宴上展示了社長們預錄表演,而我們慶祝扶輪國際服務香港90 週年有多,而所有扶輪社友都有著美好團契交誼的時刻。


DRR Alan Yip 先作一個有關扶青社年度報告,地區扶青社為視障人士提供分四個階段服務,他們還創作了一首有關視障人士非常好聽的歌曲,並與視障人士一起演唱。

今年,扶青社領袖受邀加入扶輪地區委員會,這些年輕領袖們可以更了解扶輪社,而扶輪社友也可以從他們身上學習一些創新理念。衷心感謝 DRR Alan 和您的團隊一年來的美好服務!

Interota 2020 已成功舉辦,超過來自 91 個國家的 1800 名參加者,另外150 名志願者參加服務馬拉松,與 9 個非政府組織合作進行了 13 項社區服務,服務時數為439 小時,扶青們表現實在太出色了!感謝 Lok Chi 主席和團隊努力付出。

感謝 作為RIPPR的PDG Peter Wan 和 Rita 女士與我們共聚兩天,並感謝 PDG Peter分享有關全球國際扶輪社最新狀況及他的智慧和識見。

感謝攝影記者 Nicole Tung 分享她在戰區展示令人驚嘆有關難民和暴力侵害婦女行為的照片,她亦分享她在推動和平方面的經驗和看法。


我們在扶輪基金會午餐會上表彰了所有慷慨的捐助者。感謝所有捐助者:AKS、Major Donors、Paul Harris Fellows、Benefactors 和Bequest Society Members。今年我們有新增19 個100% PHF社、527 PHF社友 、14 個Benefactors 、87 個 EREY社,我們亦為 EndPolio 基金捐獻 $88,143 美元。再次感謝所有為世界做好事的慷慨捐助者!

我們很榮幸有扶輪國際基金會Sangkoo Yun 分享他對扶輪社的智慧和知識。



當天會議下午的重頭戲就是未來領導人分享會。DGE Keith、DGN Norman、DGND Andy 和 DRRE Luffy 接受了 PDG Ada 和 PDRR Jessica Glad 的訪問,有幸我們得到這些充滿熱誠的未來領導者繼續為 3450 地區服務。

感謝 Rachel 為社友配偶團隊一起組織配偶活動,其中有一項“關愛青年服務計劃”,就是鼓勵基層家庭的學生每天跑步或步行兩週,並於大會中舉行頒獎典禮。感謝贊助商 PDG BY、DGND Andy Li、P Tomas和 PP Conrad。