District Health Committee 21-22

District Health Committee 21-22

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By PP John Wong, Rotary Club of HK Northeast

Organ Donation Week – 扶輪扶青器官捐贈週

This project aims to raise the awareness of the importance of organ donation which can save and improve the lives of many patients suffering from a wide variety of serious medical problems and also their families.

To achieve the above, a short film making competition to promote organ donation will be conducted and hopefully this will encourage more HK citizens to register as organ donors.

The launching ceremony will be held (tentative) on 25th September (Sat) at Hong Kong Council of Social Service Hall, Wan Chai.

The details of the short film competition will follow shortly.

Project in-charge – PP Grace Young of the Rotary Club of the HUB HK and PP Kelvin Ho of the Rotary Club of HK Northwest.

CPR/ AED Education Project – 心肺復甦及去顫法教育計劃

This project aims to sponsor and provide CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) / AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification training to those people who are in need of acquiring such simple yet life-saving skills, namely the families and friends of patients with heart diseases. This year we have included another group of beneficiaries – Rotarians.

The launching ceremony will be held (tentative)on 13th November (Sat) at Mac Pherson Stadium, Mongkok.

This project will also be conducted in Macau and Mongolia for the first time this year.

Project in-charge – P Paul Lau and PP John Wong of the Rotary Club of HK Northeast, AG Bolomaar Tovuudorj of the Rotary Club of Tuul and CP Kent Lao of the Rotary Club of Penha.

District Dementia Project – 扶輪健腦樂同行

This project is a joint district project organized by Area 4.

It aims to arouse public awareness on early intervention for elderly with signs of dementia and to alleviate carers’ stress by providing support.

Kick off ceremony and first visit to the concerned elderly will be held (tentative) on 20th Nov 2021 (Sat) in Hung Hom. There will be 3 more visits later on.

In addition to the screening of the elderly and to offer support to their carers, festive gifts will be given for them to experience the festive atmosphere together.

Project in-charge – P Eddy Lo of the Rotary Club of Soho HK.

Blood Donation Month – 扶輪捐血月

This project aims to encourage more HK citizens to donate blood and to recognize Rotary Clubs and Rotarians (Blood Donating Heroes) that have participated in blood donation activities. The award ceremony is set to be held in early 2022.  Awards to those Rotary Clubs and Rotarians (tentative) incl.

1. Clubs that have blood donating Rotarians

2. Clubs with highest numbers (top 3) of blood donating Rotarians

3. All blood donating Rotarians

4. The Rotarians with highest occasions of blood donations (top 3)

5. Rotary First time Blood donors

In order to attain such important information so that we can recognize those Clubs and Rotarians, the organizing committee of this project is sincerely asking incumbent Club Presidents  to participate in the following survey (please scan the following QR code):

The participation in this survey is essential for this project to happen and succeed. For Club presidents, please take a few of your precious moments to fill it in.

Project in-charge – PP Bonnie Wong of the Rotary Club of Kowloon Tong and CP Amy Yeung of the Rotary Club of Elite-Orient.

Rotary Herd Immunity Against COVID 70/70 – 扶輪羣體抗新冠70/70

This project aims to encourage Rotarians to protect themselves and the community against COVID by recognizing Rotary Clubs that had more than 50% of their members being vaccinated. The target of this project is to attain 70% of Clubs in the district to become V Clubs (standing for Vaccinated Clubs) while each Club has  >70% of its members being vaccinated.Such Rotary Clubs will have Certificates issued to them. In addition, Rotarians that had completed their vaccinations will be given a V pin (as pictured).

Project in-charge – P Ivan Choi of the Rotary Club of Kai Tak