District Online Training – Learning Anywhere, Anytime Online

District Online Training – Learning Anywhere, Anytime Online

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By CP Alvin Lam, Chair of District Online Training Committee 21/22

Congratulation to all “Serve to Change Lives” Presidents on-board and working on many Rotary Service to Change Lives Projects. Thank you and/or your Secretary/Executive Secretary for joining the Joint Secretary Meeting held on 20 July 2021 and learning how to enrol for Online Academy.

To facilitate your achievements in District Award to achieve “15 members have to achieve ‘LEVEL 2’” or “50% members that club has less than 20 members”,         DG Keith Chow will provide RI’s weekly D3450 Learning Center Report to District Online Training Committee for replacing your previous need to submit completion certificates. New Google Classroom is provided to foster Online Academy Courses for accessing District 3450 and you can meet and discuss with your classmates there about online training materials.

Please remember to login 1) My Rotary and 2) Rotary Learning Center, before clicking the links inside Google Classroom to enrol your class.

Please note that RI has refreshed the courses and so please revisit those classes even you have completed on Rotary year 2020-21 as there might be new module need you to complete before completion of the Rotary year 2021-22 courses.

Rotary Online Academy for your Board Members and Committee Members

Designed for Presidents Designed for Board Members and Committee Chair

Please complete your President Learning Plan if you have not yet done so and please ask your board members and committee chairs to complete one of the learning plans below according to their role:

– Club Secretary Basic Learning Path
– Club Membership Committee Basic Learning Path
– Club Fellowship Chair
– Club Service Projects Committee Chair
– Club Public Image Committee Chair
– Youth Chair – Service-Learning for Advisers
– Foundation Chair – Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basic Learning Plan
– Club Administration Committee Basic Chair
– Club Treasurer Basic

Two new courses are prepared inside:

  • Grant Management Seminar (GMS) to facilitate grant applications
  • Protecting Youth Program Participants for your new Youth Protection Officer

Online Academy Level 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2
Level 3 Level 4

Please note that new Level 0 is prepared for all Rotarians to refresh basic Rotary knowledge, especially the new join Rotarian. Please let your Membership Committee Chair and all members to start with.

I am sure that you will find the above Online Training Courses useful in your Rotary life and please note that the Online Academy level achievement is in the sequence of Level 0, then level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4. Each level’s accompaniment needs to achieve previous level first.