60th District Conference, by PP Gabriel Li

60th District Conference, by PP Gabriel Li

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The 60th District Conference was held on the 363rd day of the Rotary Year 2019-2020, 34 days behind its original schedule, due to Corvid 19 pandemic. Furthermore; we have to make numerous contingency changes to the Program and to many arrangements to accommodate government restrictions but have not dampened the passion and zealously of the participants.

The 60thDC being a landmark and a memorable one, has break and made many records and created many firsts.  To commemorate the occasion, a District Conference website was debuted 2 weeks prior to Conference; a History Wall was created with albums containing photos of the past 60 years of DCs; the entire conference was broadcasted live so Rotarians who are not able to attend can be connected real time, especially for Mongolia and Macau Rotarians who cannot attend because of travel curfews; the content of the DC Program was condensed from two days to one day with online breakout sessions; interview captions with Rotarians to share their Rotary journey for the past 60 decades were pre-corded to time mark history! These and many more can be found by clicking into the DC website: www.rd3450dc.com.

With the Conference theme – ’60 years of Connecting’, we have connected within our Rotary family to serve better our communities and we hope to be connected with the many more future DCs to come!

PP Gabriel Li
60 th District Conference Chair