DG January Message

DG January Message

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Happy New Year and best wishes to all Rotarians, Rotaractors, families and friends! We are so glad that we have got over the very tough year of 2020 and welcome 2021! Thanks again for all the hard work of Rotarians and Rotaractors. Together we work to bring hope and peace to our community in 2021.

We are so grateful that we have a new club chartered in Dec, the Rotary Club of Eminence Hong Kong. They are the second satellite club that turned into a regular club in D3450. Let’s welcome them to join the big family. The Charter President is Jeannette Hon and they have 24 Charter Members. We are expecting another new club to form very soon in Mongolia. Stay tuned!

This year we only received one nomination of DGN Election and this only one candidate will be our DG in 2023-24. Let’s welcome DGND Andy Li to be our future leader! Congratulations to DGND Andy Li!

Thanks again to the DGN Election Committee led by PDG Peter Wan.

Due to the COVID 19 Outbreak in Mongolia, Rotarians are holding a fund raising project to purchase protective gears to hospital and government workers as well as food for the community. Thanks again for all Rotarians in supporting this fund raising event and we have raised US$28,000 from Rotarians in Hong Kong and Macau. This is the list of the individuals and Clubs that have made the contribution. We will hear more reporting from our AGs of area 9 &10. At our last JPM, we invited the Consuls General of Mongolia to come to witness the Ceremony of presentation of Certificates of appreciation from District to clubs and Rotarians.

Besides the Pandemic services by Rotarians in Mongolia, the Rotaract Clubs in Mongolia also have a joint club project to help the people in need. This is the “Little Hero” project, they raised fund to donate New Year’s gifts to children and Covid-aid to 300 families.

I am so glad to tell you that all 5 Rotarians Hospitalised due to Covid 19 were discharged with good recovery.

As the world continues to grapple with the continuing fallout of COVID 19 and try to pre-empt the many mutations of the virus we are looking forward to taking advantage of one of the many vaccinations that will soon become available in Hong Kong. In the meantime, we are advised to observe the social Distancing measures and continue to withhold physical meetings and events at the moment. We will discuss with our healthcare professionals and decide how we can assist the vaccination for public especially in public education. 

For the 13th consecutive year, The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating — four stars — from Charity Navigator. The Foundation earned the recognition for adhering to sector best practices and executing its mission in a financially efficient way, demonstrating both strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. I would like to thank for all of your unfailing support and donation to The Rotary Foundation.

We are working on the revamping of our District Website, we are asking the respective committees such as Memberships, Foundations and Youth Committee what contents they would like to put onto the website.

Thanks to the IT committee and Co-chairs Peter and Alvin working hard on this, special thanks to PP David Shelton who volunteer to do most of the work. Please take a look of the new layout of our website. IT Co Chair Peter will talk about it soon.

This year our Rotary Hong Kong UltraMarathon will be held Virtually on 21 Mar 2021. Our RHKUM Chair AG Derrick will talk about it in more details. Please support this yearly District Event.

District Online Concert is postponed to 27 Mar 2021. We are going to raise fund to donate to St. James Settlement in Hong Kong for Food Bank, Cradle of Hope Association in Macau and Mongolia.

District Interact Representative was elected, she is Sandy Deng from Bishop Hall Jubilee School. She will serve with other Council members of District Interact Committee.

I am pleased to announce we have a new Rotaract Club to be chartered soon, named the Rotaract Club of Super Engine. This Rotaract Club originated with majority of its members whose interest is in Drones and hence their club name derives from the club’s core interest. They are going to promote Drone to the youth and handicapped people. One of their projects is to let the handicapped people learn how to fly drones.

Rotary Vocational Service is one of the essences of Rotary and serves as the foundation from which we serve our communities around the world. We could contribute by using our unique skills and expertise to address community needs and we can help to refine others skills.

January is Rotary’s Vocational Service Month, a great time to start leveraging vocational service in your club projects and activities.

The Vocational Service in Action handbook can help you gain a better understanding of vocational service and provide you with ideas to practice it through your service activities, in your personal life, and in your career. Download the handbook and share it with your club members!

Thanks again for all Rotarian and Rotaractor for your hard work to serve in your clubs and District. Although we may not be able to meet physically much but we can communicate online and we can still serve the people in need in our community.


12月成立了一個新的扶輪社 香港滙賢扶輪社RC Eminence Hong Kong,他們是3450區中第二家由衛星社轉變出來的扶輪社,歡迎他們加入我們3450大家庭。香港滙賢扶輪社創社社長是Jeannette 韓素梅,他們有24位創社社員。另外,蒙古很快成立一個新社,敬請關注!

今年我們只收到了一份總監選舉提名,而當只有一位候選人,他將會是我們在2023-24年度的3450區總監。歡迎地區總監 提名指定人District Governor Nominee Designated (DGND) Andy Li成為我們未來的領導者!恭喜DGND Andy Li!感謝地區總監選舉委員會的工作及貢獻!

由於蒙古發生了COVID 19疫情,我們正在進行一項籌款項目,為醫院和政府工作人員購買防護裝備以及為社區提供食物,再次感謝各社社友支持這次籌款活動,我們已從香港和澳門各社籌集了28,000美元。這是做出貢獻的個人和分社的列表。我們將從第9和10區域的AG那裡收到更多報告。在我們的上一屆JPM中,我們邀請蒙古香港總領事來見證我們地區和扶輪社證書頒發儀式。

除了處理新冠肺炎大流行服務外,蒙古扶輪社也有一個分社聯合項目去幫助有需要的人們 – 這是“小英雄”項目,他們募集了資金,用於向兒童捐贈新年禮物,並向300個家庭捐贈了Covid-aid。



扶輪基金會連續第13年獲得來自美國慈善機構獨立評估機構Charity Navigator四星評級最高評分。在2020年9月評級更新中,基金會因表現出優異的財務健全以及對負責和透明度的承諾而獲得表彰。該評級反映了Charity Navigator對基金會如何使用捐贈、維持其計畫和服務以及實施良好治理和開放的評估。在此感謝各位一直以來對扶輪基金嘅支持。

我們正為地區網站進行改版,現正咨詢各委員會,例如會員部、基金會和青年委員會等等,了解他們希望在網站上添加的內容。感謝IT委員會以及聯合主席Peter和Alvin在這方面的努力,特別感謝PP David Shelton完成了大部分工作。



關於青年服務,我們選出了扶少團團長,她是銀禧中學的Sandy Deng,而理事會成員亦相繼選出。

我們即將有一個新扶青社,名為Rotaract Club of Super Engine,大部分社員對無人機有共同興趣,他們的服務對象是面向年輕人和殘障人士,而其中服務項目之一是推廣殘障人士學習駕駛無人機。


本年1月就是扶輪社的職業服務月,是各社安排項目和活動中面向職業服務的絕佳時機。 《職業服務手冊》可以幫助您更好地理解職業服務,並為您提供實用的想法去實踐服務活動、個人生活和職業發展。請即下載手冊並與您的社員會員分享吧!