PEACE – We all want and need it!

PEACE – We all want and need it!

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By DGND Andy Li, Co-Chair of Rotary Virtual Peace Camp

Co-organized by Rotary International District 3450 and Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC), the “Rotary Virtual Peace Camp 2021” was successfully held during Easter Holidays from 3 – 4 April 2021.  Its main objective was focusing on peace and conflict management, diversity and inclusion, as well as cultural understanding.

A total of 150 participants (Age 14-17) including Interactors and other secondary school students from Hong Kong, Mongolia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Brunei, Jordan and  Indonesia were divided into 15 groups and led by more than 40 facilitators. The facilitator team was formed by Rotarians, Rotaractors LPCUWC students and alumni. They had attended the “Train the Facilitators” sessions organized by Co-Chair Mr. Adrian Kwong of LPCUWC before the event.

District Governor Dr. Eric Chak, District Peace Committee Chair PDG Dr. Peter Pang, Virtual Peace Camp Co-Chair DGND Andy Li, Principal Arnett Edwards, Co-Chair Mr. Adrian Kwong and other OC members had also participated in the “Rotary Virtual Peace Camp 2021”.

The curriculum was well designed by Organizing Committee (OC) members. It provided not only informative sharing by experienced speakers, but also lots of exciting online activities leading by group facilitators. Lots of positive feedbacks received from participants.  Here are some participants’ write-ups in the evaluation form:

“A huge thank you to all the facilitators, organizers for organizing such a fruitful event”.

“Nothing but gratitude for the past 2 days! Glad to also connect with others and get together to solve conflicts & learn more about peace as a whole”.

“Fruitful and will join again if given the chance!”

“To see things from different perspectives and try to understand others. Also keep & open mind, accept the differences between you and others.”

I learnt more about conflict management as well as our own identity and cultures and how we should respect everyone culture.

How to make peace in a difficult world

Teamwork activities are fun to do!

Respecting everyone and helping people who are needed to help.

Peace and diversity are very connected, and they both have multiple angles to consider.

May Peace with you all!

和平 – 我們都想要並需要它

由國際扶輪3450地區及李寶椿聯合世界書院一起合辦的 <<2021扶輪虛擬和平訓練營>> 於4月3日 – 4日的復活節假期順利舉行, 活動主要目的是讓參加者了解什麼是和平, 面對糾紛的管理; 了解多元化與包容的重要性以及各個族裔的文化相互理解。

今次活動共有150名(年齡14-17歲)的學生參加,他們來自香港、蒙古國、新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞、日本、汶萊、約旦及 印尼的扶少團團員和其他中學生。他們被分成15個小組, 由40多位有經驗的小組導師帶領, 導師由扶輪社社員、 扶青社社員及李寶椿聯合世界書院的校友組成,  在活動開始之前, 所有小組導師一起參加了由今次活動聯席籌委會主席Adrian Kwong 安排的 “小組導師培訓課程‘’, 之後, 他們便負責帶領15個不同的小組進行兩天的”扶輪虛擬和平訓練營”。

地區總監翟慶聰醫生,前區總監彭志宏醫生,和平訓練營的聯席主席李兆民總監提名指定人,校長Arnett Edwards,聯席主席Adrian Kwong以及其他籌委會成員也參加了今次的扶輪虛擬和平訓練營。 

今次活動的課程是由籌備委員會成員精心設計, 內容除了有經驗豐富的主講嘉賓根據主題進行分享之外, 亦有豐富遊戲環節.  每一小組都由經驗豐富的導師帶領, 讓學生們充分了解活動的內容。在活動完畢後, 我們收到很多學生的正面反饋, 如下是他們的一些節錄內容:


很感恩過去兩天的活動, 很高興與其他人建立了聯繫,聚在一起去解決衝突,並瞭解整個和平的真諦。

 豐富的活動, 如果有機會, 希望再次參加!


我由了自己及他人的文化背景, 學到了尊重別人的文化從而認識當面對紛爭時的管理及處理方法。




和平與多元文化是緊密聯繫的,  他們當中有很多不同的角度值得我們去思考。