Rotary International District 3450 PEACE CAMP 2020-21

Rotary International District 3450 PEACE CAMP 2020-21

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Article contributed by “Virtual Peace Camp” participants from Interact Club of Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School sponsored by Rotary Club of New Territories

Rotary International District 3450 organized the virtual PEACE CAMP on April 3-4,2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 128 participants came from all around the world joined the activities, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, and Mongolia. The theme of the event is diversity and inclusion. During the activities, participants could not only enhance their relationship and exchange cultural but also learned how to trade-off when facing different opinions. Furthermore, the event invited minorities in various fields to share their feelings when facing unfair treatment and discrimination, therefore inspiring empathy among participants, helping them put themselves in and think about different people’s plight and  tolerate others’ choices.

Finally, all participants expressed their gratitude to Rotary International District 3450 Peace Camp Organizing Committee for organizing this very meaningful event and would like to thank Rotary Club of New Territories for sponsoring students to participate in the Peace Camp and their support, including the arrangement by President Francis Chan of Rotary Club of New Territories for students to join the peace, President-elect Peter Lau, President-nominee Kitty Chan of Rotary Club of New Territories, Janice Wong of Rotaract Club of Chung Chi College, The CUHK and Cindy Ng of Rotaract Club of New Territories being facilitators to join the Peace Camp with the students. All participants looked forward to another chance to join a similar event to widen their international horizons.



國際扶輪3450地區於2021年4月3-4日,在疫情期間透過新穎的網上形式舉辦了「和平營會」Peace Camp。參與人數共128人,來自世界各地,包括香港、越南、韓國、蒙古等地。是次活動的主題是平等和包容,各地成員透過參與不同活動,增進感情及交流文化,亦學習到在面對各方意見時應該如何取捨。同時,活動更邀請了各個領域上的少眾分享他們在面對不平等待遇或受到歧視時的感受,從而激發社員的同理心,設身處地為少眾思考他們的困境,包容他們的選擇。


Joining activity ‘Salem Witch Trials’

Using the drawing function in Zoom, a member draws a picture corresponding to the given words on the whiteboard, and then other members in the group guess the correct words through the hints given by the drawn picture.

「塞勒姆女巫審判」 活動


Joining activity ‘Privilege Simulation’

Members are divided into several groups, and each group will be allocated a sum of money. During the game, a variety of simulated shopping methods are used to convey various economic difficulties and realities.

「模擬執行官」 活動


Extended thinking

Through the questions made up of the five ‘Wh’ words, members are guided to reflect on themselves and thus to inspire diversified thinking.



Guest Speaker sharing

The organizer invited minorities in various fields as guests to share their thoughts and journeys with members.