My Rotary Computer

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By PP Tony Au, OC Chair, My Rotary Computer 2020/21

By working with our service partner Caritas Computer Workshop in recycling and upgrading used computers and offering them to underprivileged students, Rotary International District 3450’s My Rotary Computer Programme contributes to the protection of our precious environment and enhance the learning of underprivileged students, thereby opening opportunities for them just as the annual theme of 2020/21 says.

Thanks to the support of Rotarians and friends, hundreds of used computers and accessories have been collected in the programme and, together with the major corporate donation from Chinachem Group, we have so far raised over HK$350,000. This enables us to donate about 500 computers to eligible applicants. By the end of this Rotary Year in June 2021, we will achieve about half of our target in terms of donating computers. The other half is expected to be achieved by end of 2021. We are also looking into expanding the scheme to the elderly and people with disabilities.  

My Rotary Computer owes its success to the hard work of the Organising Committee and the full support from DG Eric, AG Nigel, DAG Fredrick, DAG Monique and the presidents of the 10 clubs of Area 4. On this foundation, we look forward to seeing the programme flourish with more and more people receiving their My Rotary Computers.


資料由 “我的扶輪電腦” 2020/21籌委會主席PP Tony Au提供


憑藉扶輪社友和朋友的支援,我們回收了數以百計的二手電腦和周邊產品, 並且連同華懋集團的企業捐款今共籌得超過幣35萬元。這讓我們能夠向合資格的申請人捐贈約500台電腦。至2021年6月本扶輪年度結束時,我們將在捐贈電腦方面實現大約一半的目標。另一半可望在2021年底前實現。 我們還考慮將該計劃擴大到老人和殘疾人士。 我的扶輪電腦成功,有賴籌委會的勤勉和DG Eric 、AG Nigel、 DAG Fredrick、 DAG Monique 和第4地域10社社長的全力支持。在這根基之上,我們期待著這計劃蓬勃發展,越來越多的人將會收到他們的我的扶輪電腦。