Pilot Run of Junioract Club Kick Off

Pilot Run of Junioract Club Kick Off

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 By PP S T Leung (E-Club of Lantau)

I am very honored to be invited to participate in the “Work Group for Reaching Out to Primary” to promote Rotary Clubs into primary schools in Hong Kong. On May 22, at the kickoff of pilot run of Rotary Junioract Club programme, we saw that the six primary schools and six Rotary clubs forming a match, which is very successful.  But it also represents the official start of a new stage of work.

Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay)
RC of Central Harbourfront
Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School
RC of Happy Valley
Aberdeen St. Patrick Catholic Primary School
RC of Kowloon East
Sharon Lutheran School
RC of Kowloon West
Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School
Rotary E-Club of Lantau
ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School
RC of Star Avenue
Salesian School (Primary Section)
RC of Soho Hong Kong

During the entire in-depth discussion process, with DG Eric Chak, PDG Eugene Fong, Chairperson PP Wing Leung and Committee members, laid a good start for the development of this experimental plan.  Therefore, I hope that there will be substantial progress in the work in the coming year.  Among them, we have always hoped to minimize the work of the school’s responsible colleagues, and the Rotary clubs we have matched should play the most important role. 

Junioract aims to promote international understanding, professional & career planning, and community service, and the public image of Rotary, as well as Rotary’s 4-Way Test. These are all important elements of this project.  I hope that through this promotion, our primary school students will understand the role of Rotary in the world as soon as possible and the role they can participate in the future and promote the concept of peace and participation in volunteer services. 

Let everyone work together to promote these equality, justice, etc., and appropriately show the fair, open, and just concept that we have wanted to promote for many years.  The success of these tasks depends on the active participation of Rotary club members, school staff, parents, and students. 

For your information, the annual task of a Junioract Club shall include:  a minimum of two clubs-schools meetings, one service project, recommend at least one visit to sponsor Club.

We hope that you will not hesitate to give us your advice, express your opinions, and let us take a new level.  For sure, we can continue to grow in the experience and be prepared for inheritance.

Members of the Working Group: PP Wing Leung (Chair), DG Eric Chak (Adviser), PDG Eugene Fong (Ex-Official), P Bonnie Wong (Secretary), AG Nigel Lo, DS Menza Chu, PP ST Leung, , PP Rosa Pang and Rtn. Daniel Wong. They have all agreed to stay next year and help coordinate the pilot run.