ROTARY COMMUNITY CORPS – Annual Survey Results

ROTARY COMMUNITY CORPS – Annual Survey Results

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By PDG Jones Wong, Rotary Club of Island Green

According to 2019-20 Rotary Community Corps Survey Results, every year, RI surveys all club presidents whose club sponsors at least one Rotary Community Corps (RCC). Survey responses provide valuable information about the activities and demographics of RCCs and the nature of their partnership with Rotary clubs. The survey was sent to 3652 club presidents and 259 of them responded to share insights from the 2019-20 Rotary year.

Below are the most significant insights gained from the 2020 RCC survey:

Active RCCs and their composition:

* *11,219 RCCs were active during the 2019-20 Rotary year.

* *48% of RCCs are located in urban areas.

* *74% of RCCs meet at least once a month.

* *14% of RCCs members are 18-30 years of age, 32% are 30-40 years of age, 38% are 40-50 years of age, and 16% are 50 and older.

* * 38% of RCCs have predominately male members, 42% predominantly female members, and 20% equal number of female and male members.

* * Club presidents characterized RCC members in four different groups: 

  1. 77% – as people who are in need of services and could benefit from the RCCs’ service projects; 
  2. 62% – as people who are committed to service but not qualified for membership in a Rotary club; 
  3. 43% – as people who are interested in joining a Rotary club and are demonstrating their commitment to service through their involvement in the RCC; 
  4. 37% – as people who are qualified for membership in a Rotary club but are not interested in joining.


(Reported by AG Michael Chan of Area 1 Macau).

As up to this Rotary Year 2021-22, Area 1 Macau has three teams of Rotary Community Corps ( RCC). They are RCC of Amizade with 22 members, RCC of Guia with 14 members, and RCC of Macau Central with 7 members.

In this small city of Macau, one special characteristic within the community is, if one stays long for more than a period of time in the city, all neighbors will know or recognize who you are. The positive effect is, everyone knows each other or at least recognizes you already as one of their neighbors.

Starting of pandemic COVID-19 until now to Omicron, everybody has already searched a way out in our daily lives as well as when serving Rotary. Instead of openly recruiting new members from the society only by actively performing community service projects, we also get aware of recruiting our partners in service, our kins and neighbors into the big family of Rotary under the teams of RCC. This is the latest and good method of how our clubs in Macau are adopting.

So every time when there are clubwise service activities, members of RCC are also present at site, not merely do they provide stronger and sure helping hands, they also help to create stronger bonding among Rotarians’ family members.

Such caring and helping are highly essential with stronger and tighter interpersonal bonding, thus finalizing in Serving Rotary To Change Lives in a better manner.


Please welcome our 6th RCC in RY2021/22, RCC of Elite Orient founded on 8/12/2021, sponsored by RC of Elite Orient.


7 clubs were contacted for new RCC establishment. They are 1/ RC of HK Fairview, 2/ RC of Tsim Sha Tsui, 3/ RC of Mandarin HK, 4/ RC of Soho HK, 5/ RC of Harmony and Prosperity HK, 6/ HK Bayview, and 7/ RC of HK Northeast. Let’s hear good news from these 7 clubs before Chinese New Year.