Let’s hear from the District Interact Representative (2019 – 20) By Jaydon Ma

Let’s hear from the District Interact Representative (2019 – 20) By Jaydon Ma

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I am honoured to have been District Interact Representative of District 3450 in the year 2019-2020.

It was truly an exceptional year. It was a lot to take.

In retrospect, 2020 has expedited my generation’s rite of passage. Supposedly being the most fruitful year of our teenage lives, had it retracted into a modest year of unrealized aspirations aplenty. Yet, amid all constraints, we were proud to still have been able to pull off some memorable events. The Macau trip allowed Interactors from Hong Kong and Macau to deepen connections, and the online Interact Conference further provided an opportunity for us to embrace the diverse global network of Interactors.

Time flies. After a year of being in the Interact family, I realized that we are all interconnected – regardless of age or mind, border or weather. By joining JIC, I was glad to have met some extraordinary friends who I still regularly hang out with. JIC has given me a platform to broaden my horizons as well as my social circle. Getting to know many Interact advisors from various fields of work has offered me valuable insights into different career prospects, and generally, a deeper understanding of society. I was also surprised and delighted to meet so many alumni from my school in the Interact family. They assured me that I am in the right place, and doing the right thing.

I definitely wasn’t able to deliver the most eventful JIC year. However, I am certain that, in the years to come, there is much more that we can all experience together. Let us embrace what our common future has in store. Finally, I sincerely wish Sandy, DIR of 2020-2021, my great friend, a smooth and successful year ahead.