District Rotary Foundation Committee 2020 – 21 Update

District Rotary Foundation Committee 2020 – 21 Update

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By PDG Jones Wong

Dear fellow Rotarians,

When the coronavirus began to spread last year, many Rotarians began to worry about their projects with their clubs whether to be continued as they planned originally, or to be changed to meet the needs fighting the pandemic of COVID-19. We see Rotary as a community of people who live their values by putting them into action. In these extraordinary times, there is no doubt that we must place increased emphasis on services. This is our opportunity to show the world what Service Above Self means for Rotarians.

Our District Grant subcommittee has accepted postpondment of any District Grants for good reasons and we even accepted changes of project titles to substitute the original ones due to many unexpected occurrences of COVID-19 problems and the unstable of epidemic situation. All in all, we are opening opportunities to enable Rotarians Doing Good in the World.

To express my most profound gratitude to all my fellow Rotarians in district, through many hardships to pushing you all these days, 36 months, and 3 years since I was appointed Chair of DRFC in 2018-19, we are building together a healthier, safer, and more peaceful world.

To conclude the message in this last DG Newsletter of the year, let me share with you some new records that you have made for the district in the past 12 months.

New record No. 1: 87 EREY clubs including 4 Areas with 100% EREY status, They are A4, A5, A6, and A12;

New record No. 2: 528 New and Multiple PHFs with 52 current club Presidents;

New record No. 3: 14 New Benefactors with 10 current club Presidents;

New record No. 4: 236 PHS; and New record No. 5: 19 clubs achieved 100% PHF club banners.

For all the above achievements I thank you all the donors from the bottom of my heart.

Although the total contribution to END POLIO NOW is only US$100,143.00 as at 15 June, 2021, we have involved 82 clubs participated this signature event help to eradicate PolioPlus together with worldwide Rotarians.

On Global Grant, we received a total amount of US$439,112.06 from DDF on 1 July, 2020. We have handled altogether 25 cases including 21 projects being funding, 1 project just submitted and 3 applications pending allocation as up to 15 June, 2021. The Unallocated DDF Balance (estimated) is US$87,259.06 which is quite a good performance from the clubs getting involved with participation in Grant programs. Most of the projects are related to helping to relief the pandemic of COVID-19 and improving oxygen supply systems which are badly required currently.

On Rotary Scholarships, although we received several enquiries from time to time during the year, there is only one successful candidate for Ms SONAKSHI SRIVASTAVA from Hong Kong to Oxford UK sponsored by Rotary Club of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Before ending, I must thank to all clubs, presidents, AKS donors, Major Donors, Bequest Society members, and all fellow Rotations for supporting me to reach a good contribution including Annual Fund US$598,581.65, Other Fund US$286,448.50, Endowment Fund US$123,000.00, Totally US$1,008,030.15 as at 15 June, 2021.

Please continue your generous contributions to support TRF, because TRF transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives close to home and around the world. By giving to the Annual Fund, you make these life-changing projects possible so that together, we can keep Doing Good in the World for years to come.

So, keep up the Every Rotarian Every Year “EREY” as the first step to support TRF. Thank you again and good bye.

PDG Jones